Beginners Guide To Advertising Events on YouTube



More than any other website—even Facebook and Twitter—YouTube gives event planners myriad ways to advertise their upcoming events. Couple this with the tiny detail that YouTube has over a billion unique visitors every month and you’re looking at an ad platform that you can’t afford to ignore.

But, on the flip side, all those options (and all that potential) can make YouTube advertising an daunting task. That’s where this handy guide comes in. In it you’ll find the steps, tips, and tricks to successfully advertising your events on YouTube.

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Calculating Profit Margins for Your Event


Take a second to envision your ideal event. What do you see? A big, energetic crowd that can’t get enough of the artist on stage? A beautifully designed space that perfectly sets the mood for an elegant lunch? A keynote speaker delivering a memorable speech?

All this is great—as event planners and promoters, so much of how we define a good event is wrapped in the ease of production and experience of attendees. But what about the bottom-line? Not even the best event experience can make up for losing money on an event. One of the best ways to measure the financial success of events is by calculating your profit margin.

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Beginners Guide To Event Email Marketing

Event Email Marketing

Even though social media marketing has risen in popularity over the past few years, as long as people are using email there will always be a place for direct email marketing. It can be an incredibly effective way to reach and engage your audience. This is particularly the case with event promotion, which is ideally suited to a type of information that’s best communicated through email—fun, unique, or entertaining things to do. Use this beginner’s guide to set up and follow through with a direct email marketing campaign for your next event.

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How To Use Google Plus For Your Event

Google Plus for Events
Depending on who you ask, in the three years since Google+ launched it has been a runaway hit or a big-time flop. Part of the reason for this divide is that people don’t really know how to categorize Google+. Put aside what you may have heard about Google+ for a minute, and take note: It’s the incredibly useful tools and many ways using Google+ positively impacts search result rankings that makes the platform relevant—especially to event promoters. Here’s a breakdown of the different Google+ features, how you can utilize those features during each step of the event planning and producing process, and ways you can use it to boost your search result rankings.
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Beginners Guide To Getting Press for Concerts

With so many DIY promotion and marking methods available to people promoting concerts, it’s easy to overlook more traditional press coverage as a way to build awareness. Press still has its place. And while getting press for concerts takes a little more time and energy than posting about the concert on Twitter and Facebook, the pay off in exposure can be huge. Here is a step-by-step guide that every promoter, band, or individual artist can use to get press coverage for their upcoming concerts.

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Beginners Guide To Advertising Concerts On Facebook

Beginners Guide To Advertising Concerts on Facebook

You probably think Facebook is good place to advertise because of its reach. You’re right. A lot of people are on Facebook. We’re talking upwards of 1.26 billion users worldwide and growing. Of those, there are about 128 million daily active users in the US. The average amount of time spent in a single visit to Facebook? Around 20 minutes. That’s a lot of people you can reach with Facebook ads, and a lot of face time to get your message to them. But aside from the staggering reach of Facebook, what makes it a critical promotional tool for concerts is its power to target very specific audiences. Facebook users provide all sorts of personal information—their location, age, likes, interests, preferences. It’s all there on Facebook, user-provided and waiting for you to capitalize on it. Here’s how with this easy step-by-step guide to creating Facebook ads to promote your next concert.

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Concert Promoters Tell Us: “What I Wish I Knew Before Promoting My First Concert”

Concert Promoters Promote First Concert


Do you remember the enthusiasm when you started planning your first concert? Looking back, what would you tell your old self? Would you still have went through with it?

We wanted to know so we asked concert promoters around the world one simple question:

Whats the one thing you wish you knew before you promoted your first concert?

We received a lot of advice, everything from hilarious responses to very informative responses. We put some of the most useful responses, and here’s what we got:


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Testing the Best Price to Sell Tickets for Your Concert

A/B Testing Concert Ticket Pricing




An interest in entertainment and a passion for music aside, you’re in the concert and event promotion business to make money, right? Setting prices for event tickets without a good idea of what you should be charging is one of the best ways to lose money. Going into pricing blind is as good as drawing prices out of a hat: You may get lucky enough to pull a ticket price that sells well and makes you money, but there’s a greater likelihood that your pricing will be completely off. And while there are a lot of factors that will give you a general range of ticket prices—like the artist’s average ticket cost, venue capacity, and the amount you paid for the artist—you need to implement ticket price testing and utilize price-setting strategies to ensure tickets are priced perfectly to sell well and pay off big.

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How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Event

Using Instagram to Promote Events

You are in the field of promoting events, so you know very well that your events need to be marketed and promoted if they are to be successful. Now, there was a time when the only tools at your disposal were posters, radio ads, TV ads, and maybe caravans but times have changed; this time you have the internet.

Many event organizers already make use of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to market their events; when used correctly these social media sites can work wonders. However, when it comes to marketing events the medium is the message so why not try something new and project your event as something out of the ordinary by using Instagram to promote your event? It might not have crossed your mind since Instagram’s original platform wasn’t really geared towards marketing but times have changed. Now, Instagram can be used not only to market events but also to build brand awareness, brand loyalty, and create loyal customers and followers.

According to data gathered in January 2013, there are about 150 million active Instagram users per month. That is a massive number of people that you could hook to your events. It is not a number you can ignore any longer, so if you want to make use Instagram to promote your event, below are some tips on how you can do it.

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