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DaBaby booking priceCharlotte, North Carolina native DaBaby former name Baby Jesus began his rapping career in December 2014. With a less than a month of experience as a rapper, he released his debut mixtape named Non-Fiction in January 2015. This mixtape gets 10,000 streams in the next 48 hours without any prior knowledge in the music field and no promotion outside of his Instagram account. The popularity caused venues to start booking DaBaby for events, and promoters everywhere to starting inquiring about the DaBaby booking price. His music suddenly took over Charlotte and its areas quickly. DaBaby then booked a flight for a well-known annual music festival called SXSW 2015 to Austin, Texas; this festival is a new and upcoming artist and also a famous gateway to the music industry. At the festival, he received a great opportunity to perform on seven different stages on three days continuously. The feedback he received at the event led to more people booking DaBaby for events. After this festival what everyone learned about and understands that the DaBaby a.k.a Baby Jesus was not just another local rapper who happened to put out his great mixtape, but this kid was a fearless performer too.
He has no experience in performing all alone speaking on a microphone period, but he proved that he is a flawless performer. By the end of SXSW, the large audiences were repeating the lyrics to his single Baby Jesus. The audiences approached him for an autograph too. So after this festival, DaBaby acquired numerous amounts of fans from all over the country. Around 2,000 copies were sold after this event. Returning from Texas, New York City then knew that what the DaBaby is capable of that he is just not a rapper. After he released his mixtape called So Disrespectful, in his music video he shows that how he produce such a good music in his apartment, without any experience in engineering music. Once again his single did over 17,000 streams in just 48 hours without any promotion. He also mentioned that he recorded some songs in his underwear. The popularity of the songs led the DaBaby booking price to go up.
He is such a good singer that he has a way of taking a beat popular and creating undeniable music. He said that he put the mixtape out just to show that he is also a good singer just like others in the music industry. He is sure to shock the world with another mixtape called GOD’S WORK, which is releasing in February 2016. The release is sure to have more people looking to get DaBaby booking info. In this single, he explained why he changed his name from Baby Jesus. He himself claims for this single that, I think I am Baby Jesus.
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