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Atlanta’s hip hop has introduced several astonishing singers including Rome Fortune and the Key. But the latest of all, the talented, young and energetic OG Maco has been on peoples radars. He is in his early 20s and already enjoying the applause of fans for his lovely rap songs sung in recent times. Promoters around the country are booking OG Maco, as he becomes a sensation that has his songs spreading throughout the internet. His early ‘Live Live’ tape was unable to capture the attention, but the vibrant tunes of “U Guessed It” won the hearts of millions of fans. He made a collaborative EP with the Key which is known as ‘Give Em Hell.’

OG Maco came from the Southside, College Park, Old National. According to OG, he grew up listening to singers like 2Pac, Abba, Phil Collins, T.I, Ludacris and many more. He expressed his thought Furthermore by stating that it does not really matter at all. As a child, you have several people to whom you can listen and he listened to almost every singer of the time in South.

OG Maco was asked a question that what is something that most people do not know about him. He replied by saying that he is a rapper, but he can sing as well. Moreover, he said that his parents and siblings are good singers but when it comes to Maco, no one really knows that he got ability to sing along rap. People compare Maco with a number of different rappers. At this time, people weren’t getting the OG Maco booking info as he was still coming up and finding his sound. He has the resemblance with the certain rappers and while he was questioned that to whom his style is similar in rapping, he answered that no does not care about this. He said that sometimes, he thinks that there is another Waka, but the next thought comes about him being similar to Future and Kid Curdi. Further on, he said that he is careless about with whom people compare him with because as long as people are with him, he is all fine.

The goal of OG Maco is to unify all the people and to join the together. He wants to take hip-hop to an upper level. He said that together we can do anything as we have the ability to rise and ability to get things together. OG Maco wants to unify all because together everyone do amazing while alone people get into problems. The OG Maco booking price rises as he is being featured on different singles and his popularity is rising. is He also mentioned the role of money saying that these days money is given more importance. The money must be at lower edge while people must be given more priority and what they want should be on what a person has to keep an eye. It is not like everything here is doing with the money just get it to a side for some time and think all about people in hip hop.

OG Maco does not want to be someone. He was asked what he want to become or at whose place he will stand in the future. He replied politely saying that he just wants to be himself. He does not have any desire to stand at the place of any old rapper, but he just wants to be a standout!

When you are ready to book OG Maco for your event, then we are ready to help you in helping to make sure that your event will be a success. He is a young rapper with a lot of energy, and the crowd will surely love what he brings to his live show.

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