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how much does it cost to book rockie freshRockie Fresh is another one of the hot artists coming out of Chicago, IL, and he is crafting his own lane with his unique sound. Promoters are already getting the Rockie Fresh booking info so they can bring him out for shows in their city. He is signed to Rick Ross’s label Maybach Music, and has already collaborated with other artists outside of his genre like Patrick Stump and Good Charlotte.

He recorded his debut mixtape, Rockies Modern Life in a studio in his hometown. He met what would become his managers during this process, and he released the mixtape but it received a little attention. At this time, promoters weren’t really inquiring on the Rockie Fresh booking fee, but he was just getting started.  He would go onto release another mixtape called “The Otherside” that got way more fanfare than the previous mixtape.

This led to him being named one of the hottest artists by Metromix, and had his music featured on TV shows. He would go onto prepare to release the mixtape that would really take his career to the next level. He released the mixtape “Driving 88” in 2012, and this lead to him signing with Maybach Music Group, and becoming one of the young gunners of the crew. After signing with the label, he released his next mixtape Electric Highway that got his fans excited. He is one of the rappers that’s leading the Chicago movement, along with Chief Keef, Chance The Rapper, and King Louie. This group is following in the footsteps of other Chicago legends like Bump J, Twista, and of course Kanye West. His growing popularity led to him signing an endorsement deal with PUMA that was a big push in his popularity. Promoters are running to book Rockie Fresh, because they see him becoming one of the hottest artists on the scene.

Rockie Fresh is currently about to be riding high, as the first single from the Maybach Music 3 compilation is his single “God Is Great” which is surely to tear up radio waves and bubble into the mainstream. Rick Ross has to believe in him a lot to put him out there like that. If you are looking to set-up reservations for Rockie Fresh, this would be one of the best times to do it before his booking cost goes up and you wont be able to get a good deal for him.

When you are ready to book Rockie Fresh for your event, reach out to us and we will see how we can work with you to help make your event a success. Let us know how we can assist you.

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