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YFN Lucci booking priceThe one of the Atlanta’s fastest hip hop singer Yfn Lucci born in Atlanta, Georgia on February 16 1999. Promoters are booking YFN Lucci off the the buzz he has built for himself. This Atlanta native grew up listening to Lil’ Wayne, Tupac, Ja Rule, Dipset, Jay-Z, Fabolous, T.I., Jeezy and the Hot Boys. His brother “K” motivated him for signing. At the age of 16, YFN Lucci discovered his talent of singing as a rap artist.

After a year, Lucci joined hands with Johnny Cinco, who is also a rap artist from Atlanta. He persuaded him to take his talent earnestly and get into the studio. Lucci has improved his singing talent over a year, then recorded two records off of Johnny Cinco, named “John Popi” on 2014. It’s a mixtape.

In the mid of 2014, YFN Lucci signed with Atlanta’s fastest rising indie label by TIG’s CEO Girven “Fly”. This caused venues to start searching for YFN Lucci after making these power moves. YFN Lucci gained success after releasing his mixtapes which met over 1 million views at live Mixtapes. His best mixtapes included Wish me well and Wish me well 2. He received co-sign from Yo Gotti on the remix to his song I Wonder Why. He continuously toured over the last six months from Charlotte to Houston, Wisconsin to Miami. He is a part of Think It’s a Game Entertainment’s Records.

YFN Lucci’s innovative mixture of singing and lyricism make an exceptional sound with the southern touch. The YFN Lucci booking price woudl begin to go up after this. With the new music and colorful tunes, there is no end in sight for this hip hop star in making his current songs at radio I Wonder Why and Know Me Better. Wish Me Well 2 released on his birthday February 16, 2016, featuring all his new songs containing, YFN, Key to the Streets f/Migos and Trouble, Boss and Destined.

YFN Lucci wants to leave an unforgettable mark in the rap music that will be talked over 10 years from now. Different places around the country begin to hire YFN Lucci for performances. His influence extent from east coast from the west coast or in between. His most favorite record is I Wonder Why, which caught people attention and it gets spread so fast. He has his own style of rap music but he is really trying to do the same thing as Jay-Z and Wayne did in the music era. This is what you get when you book YFN Lucci for concerts. He is going to be the next big superstar from Atlanta. He is going to change the taste of rap music so that ten years from now people will still going to talk about YFN, Lucci.

Yfn Lucci as a rapper explained well to his Instagram and Twitter account where he has more than 370,000 followers and 100,000 followers in the network respectively. His song Patience expresses the real-life situations with so ease. After listening this song, people may wonder what he will be making next. He joined a unique list of talent including Rich Homie Quan and Trinidad James at TIG. YFN Lucci has burst onto the rap genre with an absolutely addicting sound that simply no one can ignore. A new music album with Rich Homie Quan, Lucci has risen to success is just only a beginning.

When you are ready to book YFN Lucci for your event, please get in touch with us and we will work with you to help your event become a success. He is a fast rising artist, and one of the ATL’s shining stars. Make sure you contact us quickly, as YFN Lucci bookings happen frequently and you want to lock in a date.

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