Malachiae Warren Booking

Promoters are booking Malachiae Warren for the rising popularity of his song “Thank Yo Momma” which features rappers Migos. The artist is fast rising and venues are already inquiring about the Malachiae Warren booking price for his performances.

Malachiae Warren is a 20 year old self-taught artist who is pursuing a career in the music industry. The up and coming aspiring pop singer was born on September 2nd 1995 and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He started his passion for music when he was just 12 years old. At the age of 14, under the guidance of his multi Grammy-award winning uncle, Mervyn Warren, he started recording his own vocal tracks. At this time, the booking price for Malachiae Warren had yet to go up. His talents, however, are not limited to music only as he is exceptionally skilled in acting, film-making and directing.

Since late 2009’s there has been a great movement of these YouTube entertainers. Malachiae also is an active YouTube entertainer. All the videos on his Youtube channel are self-recorded, edited, directed and produced. His first Youtube video reached over 4,000,000 views in less than a year. In less than 5 months, he reached more than 98,000 followers on Twitter. This caused more concert promoters to inquire about Malachiae Warren’s booking info. He records and produces his own music and writes and arranges the songs performed. He released his debut mix tape, titled “State of Art”, on February 4th of this year, receiving more than 200 downloads within the first two days of release, and over 500 total downloads to-date. He released a cover of the Kelly Rowland song “Dirty Laundry” on his YouTube channel MalachiaeTv2.

He is currently attending a performing arts high school where he is learning to hone is many talents. In 2010, he was nominated by the school counselors and teachers for Future Leaders of America. The popularity of his songs have led promoters to start to book Malachiae Warren for events.He also received a state-wide award for Best Actor in his school’s musical production, “Fame”, in November 2011. To-date, he has released more than 15 tracks, including singles by the names of “This Could Be Us” and “I Love You.” Malachiae’s latest work includes the track “Thank Yo Momma feat. Migos” which is available on iTunes and the video of the track was released on his Youtube channel.

When you are ready to book Malachiae Warren for your event we are here to help you. He is a rising star and surely going to be one of the top acts of the year.

Chedda Da Connect Booking

Chedda Da Connect is a rapper from Houston, TX whose song “Flicka Da Wrist” is being played in clubs throughout the U.S. Promoters are booking Chedda Da Connect as his song climbs up the charts, and people are anticipating him coming to their city.

With Houston currently being home to one of the most active rap music scenes in the United States, it is not surprising that it’s the hometown of many emerging artists. One such talented artist is rapper Chedda Da Connect who came out in 2014 after releasing a bunch of mixtapes. His hit singles ‘Why not’ and ‘Flicka da Wrist’ which were released in 2014 were produced by Fred On Em and have established him as one of the many success stories Houston has produced. ‘Flicka Da Wrist’ has especially gained enormous success, making its way into the Mainstream Hip-hop/R&B airplay chart, at number 33.

The much acclaimed single even went viral on several social media networks largely due to fan generated videos. These videos featured funny parodies of dance moves inspired by flicks of the wrist, a feature that might as well become Chedda Da Connect’s trademark. The popularity of the song caused venues to start searching for the Chedda Da Connect booking info, as fans were spreading his song on social media. Soon after the release of the singles, he seized the heat of the moment to release his much-awaited mixtape ‘Catchin Playz 2.’ This mixtape is rich in that it features some of the hottest names in the Houston music scene including Rodji Diego, Bun B, Sosaman and the Sauce Twinz.

Chedda Da Connect’s success is not attributed to pure chance, but to a deep understanding of the street culture that rap music is akin to along with an acute awareness about what would appeal to the fans. The appeal from fans has caused the Chedda Da Connect booking price to go up. This understanding and a sense of strategic direction led him to recruit Rick Ross for the creation of a remix of ‘Flicka Da Wrist,’ a move that created quite a stir as it had been a while since Rick Ross released a song.

In the music scene, sometimes what sets you apart is a distinguishing feature such as a dance move (Michael Jackson and the moonwalk come to mind) that people catch on to and learn to associate an artist with. Chedda Da Connect has managed to achieve that with his flick of the wrist motion and catchy chorus that everyone has caught on to. Venues are now looking for ways to get the booking for Chedda Da Connect ready for their city. What also lends this single an extra oomph factor is, the strong Texas influence which makes it very genuine. Some call it the Texas Anthem, which only shows how strongly the audience identified with it. It can be seen that Chedda Da Connect has clearly emerged as a big talent and there is much left to see him and the Houston music scene, which is on the rise.

When you are ready to book Chedda Da Connect for your event, we are ready to work with you to help make your event a success. He is a rapper that is quickly growing in popularity, and crowds are coming out to sing along with him. You can book him for your next event here.

Sauce Twinz Booking

The Sauce Twinz(Sauce Twins) or the Sauce Boys, is a hip hop group from Houston consisting  of two rappers; Sauncho Saucy and Sauce Walka. The Sauce Twinz booking popularity has gone up as they are steadily making waves throughout Texas. Growing up accustomed to the street life and making money through ‘conversing and dressing in a certain way’ as revealed by Sauce Walka, they got together to form a duo. I’m sure they didn’t know that venues would be looking for the Sauce Twinz booking info. They already considered themselves as superheroes in the street and have recently turned that confidence into a presence to be reckoned with in the Houston rap scene. Though Sauce Walka and Sauncho Saucy are not really twins, they sure do share a chemistry and a brotherhood that shines through in their performances.

As is characteristic of most siblings, their successful bond does not mean they share the same personality. While Walka is more loud and exudes high levels of energy when in public, Saucy is more reserved. The booking price for Sauce Twinz would rise as they were getting their sound together. Together, they create music that is very much genuine and not a victim of gimmicks or lyrical mastery. Slick phrases and casual conversation dominate their popular mixtape ‘In Sauce We Trust.’ Promoters were going around and starting to book Sauce Twinz at events around the city. In addition to a few new songs, this mixtape consists of a huge collection of singles that have been previously released. Popular singles on this tape include “Tatted On My Face”, “Legited,” and “Know the Sauce Twins.”

These songs, in their street vernacular, talk about the ups and downs of life and how you should not let others get you down in the face of adversity. This theme echoes the kind of life they themselves have experienced. As Saucy Walka said in an interview, he had to face a lot of difficult times and these songs provide a kind of an ‘in your face’ moment for his haters.

A lot of their songs go much beyond nonsensical lyrics that make up most of rap music today. Societal issues of exploitation and the vicious cycle of drug abuse are discussed in an intense manner that hits painfully close to home for them. The song brings to light these issues and encourages those caught up in this cycle to rise to the top and fight the circumstances holding them back.

This dynamic duo has reached where it is today by overcoming struggles and this is what they hope to tell others so that they can be encouraged  to do the same. When you are ready to book The Sauce Twinz for your event, we are ready to work with you to help make your event a success.

OG Maco Booking

Atlanta’s hip hop has introduced several astonishing singers including Rome Fortune and the Key. But the latest of all, the talented, young and energetic OG Maco has been on peoples radars. He is in his early 20s and already enjoying the applause of fans for his lovely rap songs sung in recent times. Promoters around the country are booking OG Maco, as he becomes a sensation that has his songs spreading throughout the internet. His early ‘Live Live’ tape was unable to capture the attention, but the vibrant tunes of “U Guessed It” won the hearts of millions of fans. He made a collaborative EP with the Key which is known as ‘Give Em Hell.’

OG Maco came from the Southside, College Park, Old National. According to OG, he grew up listening to singers like 2Pac, Abba, Phil Collins, T.I, Ludacris and many more. He expressed his thought Furthermore by stating that it does not really matter at all. As a child, you have several people to whom you can listen and he listened to almost every singer of the time in South.

OG Maco was asked a question that what is something that most people do not know about him. He replied by saying that he is a rapper, but he can sing as well. Moreover, he said that his parents and siblings are good singers but when it comes to Maco, no one really knows that he got ability to sing along rap. People compare Maco with a number of different rappers. At this time, people weren’t getting the OG Maco booking info as he was still coming up and finding his sound. He has the resemblance with the certain rappers and while he was questioned that to whom his style is similar in rapping, he answered that no does not care about this. He said that sometimes, he thinks that there is another Waka, but the next thought comes about him being similar to Future and Kid Curdi. Further on, he said that he is careless about with whom people compare him with because as long as people are with him, he is all fine.

The goal of OG Maco is to unify all the people and to join the together. He wants to take hip-hop to an upper level. He said that together we can do anything as we have the ability to rise and ability to get things together. OG Maco wants to unify all because together everyone do amazing while alone people get into problems. The OG Maco booking price rises as he is being featured on different singles and his popularity is rising. is He also mentioned the role of money saying that these days money is given more importance. The money must be at lower edge while people must be given more priority and what they want should be on what a person has to keep an eye. It is not like everything here is doing with the money just get it to a side for some time and think all about people in hip hop.

OG Maco does not want to be someone. He was asked what he want to become or at whose place he will stand in the future. He replied politely saying that he just wants to be himself. He does not have any desire to stand at the place of any old rapper, but he just wants to be a standout!

When you are ready to book OG Maco for your event, then we are ready to help you in helping to make sure that your event will be a success. He is a young rapper with a lot of energy, and the crowd will surely love what he brings to his live show.

Fetty Wap Booking

Fetty Wap booking info

Fetty Wap is among rappers who are excelling and improving day by day. Promoters are constantly booking Fetty Wap for shows around the country off the popularity of his single. He already got some fans in his bag and has produced certain high-quality rap songs which are highly listened. People are having frequent look on to the songs that are sung by Fetty Wap. He is from Paterson, New Jersey. The booking price for Fetty Wap rises by the day as the rapper gets more and more popular.The same state which has given rappers like Akon and Hodgy Beats to the people who have proved themselves as pretty good singers. He is also looking forward to excelling in this field and get his name among the best rappers ever.

There are several songs which are sung by Fetty Wap and “Trap Queen” is one which gave him fame. This is a song which was among hottest songs list when it was released and even till now people listen to it again and again. Venues started getting booking info for Fetty Wap, and he was also acclaimed by Gucci Mane as well as Young Jeezy. Even the music made by Fetty Wap reflects that how much he was inspired by these singers.

The turning point in the life of Fetty Wap was when he was signed by 300 Entertainment. He got his contract in 2014 which was his first step towards developing more and more in this field. He is looking to put his feet on the accelerator in concern with music making with 300 Entertainment. There are a lot of facilities provided to him and more chances of making good music are there in the hands of Fetty Wap. Another interesting thing that relates Fetty Wap with Dej Loaf, Rae Sremmurd, and Bobby Shmurda is they were all booked on the same bill.

Born on 7th June 1990, Fetty Wap is a Gemini. According to his zodiac sign, he is pretty strong with the emotions and hard to get hunted. Then he is a bit curious as well and even his own personality reflects that this fact about Gemini is true. Furthermore, he has got ability to quickly perform a task. Moreover, Gemini got a witty tongue and as a rapper Fetty Wap completely possesses this ability. His creativity is a plus point which can be highly helpful in the development of amazing music.

Fetty Wap is named among the singers who have got talent and who can be stars of the future. The songs like Trap Queen reflect the ability of Fetty Wap. Right now, he has become a part of Remy Boyz which has the voices of singers and rappers like P. Dice and Montana Bucks. He is not looking to accelerate along but in the form of group and he is giving a lot of his time in achieving this. He is just a few months away from celebrating his 25th birthday. Now we all have to see that either he will spend his birthday with releasing some new music or not. There are rumors about his upcoming music and rap songs, but no one really knows about what is coming up next by Fetty Wap.

When you are ready to book Fetty Wap for your event, we are here to work with you in securing him. Fetty Wap is one of the fast rising rappers, and is sure to put on a good show for you.

O.T. Genasis Booking

O.T. Genasis booking info

Promoters started booking O.T. Genasis for his single CoCo which reached as high as number 38th on the Billboard Hot 100. The career of Odis Flores, known commonly by his stage name O.T. Genasis was started way earlier than that. His parents were Belizean immigrants and he was born on June 18, 1987 in Long Beach, CA

It was Jackie Chan, not the Chinese legendary martial arts performer but O.T. Genasis’s track Jackie Chan which earned him the attention of the incredible and one of the most famous rap artists of all time, 50 Cent. The booking price for O.T Genasis was very low at this time as he was an artist coming up. He didn’t think twice before signing O.T. Genasis under his label G-Unit in 2011. It was a great opportunity for him to learn from the pros of the industry and although it only earned O.T. Genasis one mixtape later in 2012, the time that he spent with G-Unit actually helped him get along with other rappers, learn a lot from there and also transform himself into a singer which later would earn his fae from a single like CoCo hitting the Billboard with a bang. In 2012 he released his mixtape Black Belt but the contract ended with the G-Unit.

O.T. Genasis is naturally a good songwriter for a fact that he doesn’t tend to limit himself to just one audience. Party promoters at this time were starting to pick up O.T Genasis booking info for their upcoming shows.Some of the quality rap singers don’t get appreciated by a universal audience only because they don’t adapt according to the prevalent cultural diversity. This is not the case of O.T. Genasis. More than just an artist, venues knew that booking O.T Genasis would bring a lot of energy. He tends to write his lyrics in a way which would be liked by the variety of the listeners and not only those of his birth town. The O.T Genasis booking info for starting to be sought after by people involved in live music. He also is an incredible performer and for his ability to maneuver the crowd and get them on their feet. For this reason he caught the eye of Busta Rhymes this time while he was performing his single, Touchdown and his career was now about to change. Busta rhymes signed him for their label, Conglomerate records.

Henceforth, O.T. Genasis released many singles some of which got really famous among the masses. His other singles also hit the market but didn’t get any closer to CoCo in grabing the audience attention. They include No Flex Zone and Loyal. Off the strength of his single “CoCo”, people all around the U.S began to book O.T. Genasis for shows at their clubs. They didn’t catch much attention of the crowd but then he came with CoCo which eventually gave him a final break. He performed at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2014 with Kevin Gates, G- Easy and Loaded Lux. In the same year he also featured in a Busta Rhymes mixtape, Catastrophic 2. He is currently working on his first labeled album which is expected to be released in 2015.

When you are ready to book O.T. Genasis for your event, we are ready to assist you in helping to make your event a success. He is a hot rapper who is blazing the streets with his new singles, and he is sure to put on a great show for you.

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