Shy Glizzy Booking Info and Price

Shy Glizzy cannot be termed as being the most original or innovative rapper from Washington DC but there still is something very mysterious about his notorious long sideburns, his extremely high pitch and the occasional boyish personality. This rapper is 20 years old and his stage name is actually the acronym of “Street’s Hottest Youngin” and is also a slang phrase for a glock. Promoters are booking Shy Glizzy off of the popularity of his mixtapes which have gained a lot of traction in the DMV area. He has not even been interviewed a lot of times and it would take a long and deep search of Google to find out his real name is Marquis King. Shy Glizzy reports to have spent most of childhood robbing people off and his rapping talent was discovered incidentally when he attempted to write a book while he was staying in a youth detention center. The popularity of the rapper has led venues to hurry and get their Shy Glizzy booking info.

He is a young upcoming rapper from the Southeast area of D.S. He began his career in rapping at a tender age and thus compared to people like Lil Boosie and Eazy-E. However, Shy is still an unsigned artists though he has releases several mixtapes in the hope to make a career for himself in this field. Shy associates himself with the District-Maryland-Virginia; most of the D.C. rappers like Wale and Fat Trel usually associate themselves with DMV too. Shy has led a tough life on the roads of Washington DC and this usually pops up in his many songs. His father was the victim of murder when Shy was just 19 years old. While Shy Glizzy is still at a very tender age yet he has been in a lot of trouble with the law and has even been incarcerated before he started his career as a rapper. He never even got a chance to finish his high school as he was expelled out of many. He completed his GED from inside a prison.

Glizzy Gang is band that was formed by Shy which has rappers like Ant, Quette, Plies, 3 and Snipe. These are all the rappers whose last name used to be Glizzy. As a group these people have released a lot of songs however, individually their performance has not been that impressive. A few of the popular songs released by his group are UOENO, Do It and Us. When he released the song “Awwesome”, the Shy Glizzy booking price would go up off of the popularity of the song.

When you are ready to book Shy Glizzy for your event, we will assist you in hiring him to put on a great show for your event. People who attend his events know every word to his song as he has hits that everybody knows and continue to be played on radio stations across the nation.

Cash Out Booking

Ca$h Out is the stage name of the American rapper John-Michael Hakim Gibson born on 15th August 1990 in Columbia, Georgia. He was later raised in the beautiful city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia. His first album, tilted Let’s Get it, was released on the 26th of August 2014. Promoters are booking Cash Out as he continue to have hit after hit.

In the year 2009 he was declared not guilty from a gunshot case in Clayton County Georgia and he realized how life has provided him with a second chance to redeem himself thus he focused all his energy on furthering his career as a rapper. Initially he was signed with the independent record label known as Based Loaded and this is when he released his first song “Cashin’ out” which later featured on his first ever mixtape known as It’s My Time. Venues knew that they needed to get Cash Out booking info as the popularity of the song began to rise. Gibson sang one of his songs called “Smilin’ In My Face” when he was being interviewed by L.A. Reid who was the head of Epic Records. Reid heard Gibson’s single “Cashin’ Out” and really liked it enough so as to ask Gibson to meet him so that Reid may sign him onto his label. After Gibson sang that song for Reid, during the interview, Reid was even more convinced to finally sign Gibson to Epic Records.

Epic Record decided that it will re release Gibson’s debut single called “Cashin’ Out” which after its re release in March of 2012 received a lot of commercial success in the United States music scene and even ranked as high as number 36 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and even got to the runner up position at the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart while being at the very top of the Hot Rap Songs chart in the United States. The single led to clubs around the nation getting ready to book Cash Out for their events. The phenomenal success that this song by Ca$h Out received in the United States has motivated many freestyles and remix covers to be made by many rappers which include the likes of Bow Wow, Akon, and Fabolous, Chief Keef, Fabolous, Yo Gotti and Akon even appear on the official remix of the single “Cashin’ Out”. Digital retailers were graced with the release of a follow up song titled “Big Booty” on the 31st of July, 2012. Future appeared on the song titled “Another Country” which was a new single of Ca$h Out that was released in the month of May of 2013. The Cash Out booking cost continue to go up as he continue to release singles that are charting high on the charts.

When you are ready to book Cash Out for your event, we will assist you in hiring him to put on a great show for your event. People who attend his events know every word to his song as he has hits that everybody knows and continue to be played on radio stations across the nation.

Peewee Longway Booking

Peewee Longway is an upstart of ATL who released his mix tape, which has productions of collaborations with many people like Guwop, just last month. PeeWee Long way’s latest mixtape titled The Blue M&M was released just this year i.e. 2014 on the 21st of May. The mixtape received a warm welcome and an extremely good rating from the readers of various forums of R&B and HipHop music. The commenters praised the energy level and the excellent quality of production overall by the young emcee. In latest news Gucci Mane has unearthed various jamming sessions from the Brick Factory studio and is thus compiling projects done in collaboration with Peewee Longway, Migos as well as Young Thug. Peewee Longway is part of a rap group titled Felix Brothers which is formed by Gucci Mane. This recent assemblance of music comprises of him, Gucci Mane and Young Dolph. It is alleged that Gucci might not have informed Peewee LongWay about the project as he has done so in the past. However, the project, regardless of PeeWee knowing about it or not, is available online. It also includes guest appearances by famous MPA Duke, Strap Da Fool, OJ Da Juiceman and MPA Wicced.

When you are ready to book Peewee Longway for your event, we are ready to assist you in helping to make your event a success. He is one of the hottest artists out right now, and is sure to put on a good show for your attendees.

Bishop Nehru Booking Info and Price

Bishop Nehru is the stage name of an American rapper and producer originating from Rockland County, NY. His real name is Markel Scott: he also edits and directs music videos. Promoters are booking Bishop Nehru for being a fresh air for hip-hop. Bishop used several stages names since a very young age. At the tender age of 13 he would make jazz music and hip hop instrumentals by the stage name of “Kelz Scot” as he grew a year older he decided to change his name to Kile Kamvas. He made use of various forums like Odd Future, Hypebeast, Skateboard-City and Lookbook to release his musical works of his early ages. The forum known as Odd Future Talks is the one which provided him with the most number of listeners. His 8-bar freestyle of Mos Def’s classic “Mathematics” helped him gain the title of Youth Rap Talent of the week in July 2008 by the Off Future Talk, WorldStarHipHop. Nehru was also on the in their Who’s Next part of the cover which informs viewers about the rappers who will be the next big thing soon. His song was also a part of 105.1’s New NY with Jovonn “The Don” in the February of 2013. Nehru also sang the opening for the 20th Anniversary European tour of Wu-Tang Clan.

His unique stage name is a combination of a character played by Tupac from the movie Juice where the Bishop is the one who inspired in him the desire to go out and get the respect of his fellows. His last name Nehru comes from the ex prime minister of India Jawarharlal Nehru who worked in collaboration with Gandhi whose peacemaking efforts were legendary. His first debut mix tape was released when he was just 15. It was titled Nehruvia and included 13 songs which also had the productions from J. Dllla, MF Doom, DJ Premier, Maslib and many more. The famous personality of New York radio Peter Rosenberg along with the UK DJ Semtex presented his next mix tape titled strictlyFLOWz. The booking price for Bishop Nehru would rise as a result of this. There were rumors in the August of 2013 that collaboration is going to occur between MF Doom and Bishop Nehru which would result in the release of a project by Lex Records and Noisy Cricket. After the Kendrick Lmar show held in Brooklyn, Cali emcee was captured on screen praising and advising Bishop Nehru. Nas’ Mass Appeal Records had its first signing on 22nd May 2014 which comprised of Bishop Nehru, Fashawn and Boldy James. A free collaborative EP was launched titled BrILLiant Youth EP which was collaboration between Bishop Nehru and Dizzy Wright. LRG was reported to make the statement that the Summer 14 Campaign had Bishop Nehru and Dizzy Wright not just on their lookbook but they also joined the lot in the studios to record a 3 songs EP which features the production by 9th Wonder, which the brand ambassador of LRG.

23rd September 2014 was the day announced by Bishop Nehru as the release date of NehruvianDOOM, this he announced on his Twitter page on 22nd July 2014. Twitter was again utilized by Nas as his means of communication to inform his fans that the forthcoming album of Bishop Nehru would feature Nas as the executive producer.

When you are ready to book Bishop Nehru for your event, we are ready to work with you in acquiring him for your event. He is one of the fastest rising artist on the scene, and he has a voice that represents a new energy in hip-hop.

Young Dolph Booking

Young Dolph booking info

Young Dolph is currently one of the fastest rising rappers coming out of Memphis, and is starting to get noticed by fans worldwide. Promoters have already started booking Young Dolph for shows throughout the U.S and his price is going up as his buzz continues to grow amongst fans.

Young Dolph grew up in the violent Castalia Heights, and would live the street life until he had some life changing events. He would survive a near fatal car accident that made him look at life differently, and only a few months later his grandma would pass away. These events would lead Young Dolph to put his emotions in music and began to record music. The first release from him would be Paper Route Campaign, and had people starting to check for him. At this time, the Young Dolph booking price was still low as people were just getting to see what he was about and understand his style.

The buzz would began to build for Young Dolph when he released his next mixtape Welcome To DolphWorld which was hosted by DJ Scream. The mixtape had people checking for him, and people going to get booking info for Young Dolph. The mixtape led him to being one of the top rappers from Memphis outside of just Yo Gotti and Three Six Mafia. Juicy J would go onto co-sign him as one of the top rappers coming up. He would go onto start his own label called Paper Route Empire where he would release more mixtapes that would set the streets on fire. When he aligned himself with Gucci Mane to release the mixtape “East Atlanta South Memphis”, his buzz would blow up even further throughout the world. He would be featured in different magazines like XXL and Complex as one of the top up and coming rappers on the scene.

Young Dolph has gone onto collaborate with artists like Juicy J, 2 Chainz, and Paul Wall. Promoters are already getting their Young Dolph booking budgets ready as he is poised to be one of the next hottest rappers to come out of Memphis. His fans have been coming out to his shows knowing word for word, and he is putting on a show that they have all appreciated.

When you are ready to book Young Dolph for your next event, we will be ready to assist you in putting that together and getting you the tools you need to help make your event a success.

Twista Booking

Twista is a rapper from Chicago, IL who is a legend in hip-hop. Twista has plenty of hits to his name, and it’s no surprise that promoters are still booking Twista after all these years. He still continues to stay relevant by releasing mixtapes, and having singles that reach the top 10.

Twista first started off in the music industry in 1992 when he released his album Runnin Off at Da Mouth under his previous name Tung Twista. At this time, Twista was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest rapper. At this time, venues had just started getting the Twista booking info, as he was a little known rapper at this time. He would drop the “Tung” part of his name, and release his second album called Resurrection. The album would only be released in Chicago, and still didn’t get the attention that the rapper would later receive. The booking price for Twista at this time was very low, as he was just an up and coming rapper who only had a buzz in his city of Chicago.

The next album from Twista would be the one to take him to the next level. The album was called Adrenaline Rush and featured the big hit “Get It Wet” which was placed in the Billboard Top 100. He had another hit off of the album with “Emotions” that also managed to get in the Billboard Top 100. The success of the album led to the Twista booking price going up, and also him gaining national recognition. The album would go gold, and this was the beginning of a successful career for Twista. He would go onto release another album with his crew called Mobstability which would go gold.

The most successful album from the rapper would be Kamikaze which would go platinum. The album featured multiple hits like “Slow Jamz”, “So Sexy”, and “Overnight Celebrity”. The album ended up being a huge one from the rapper, and it took his career to another level. Promoters from around the world started booking Twista, as he had built up a healthy fan base and was one of the most popular rappers in hip-hop. Since this album, he has released plenty of more hits, and more successful albums. He has also collaborated with many artists in the hip-hop industry as well. Twista is officially a legend, and fans both older and younger are familiar with his work, as he still continues to stay relevant.

When you are ready to book Twista for your next event, let us know and we will be happy to work with you in helping to make your event a success.

Young Thug Booking Info and Price

Young Thug booking info

Young Thug is one of the top new acts coming out of Atlanta. He is a part of Gucci Manes 1017 Brick Squad crew, and he has a unique style that has been winning over new fans all over the world.

Young Thug first came on the scene in 2011 with his mixtape I Came From Nothing. He would release 2 more follow ups in the series, throughout the year and into 2012. The popularity of the mixtapes gained the attention of Gucci Mane who went onto sign the rapper to his label. He would release his next mixtape 1017 Thug under the label, and the mixtape would become critically acclaimed. It was named one of the top mixtapes/albums of the year by Pitchfork, Complex Magazine, and The Rolling Stone. The mixtape made him one of the top artists in hip-hop to watch, and it would be the start of his rise to popularity.

The next release from Young Thug would prove to be his biggest yet. When he released his song “Stoner”, the song would become a hit on the internet. The songs popularity lead it to be remixed by artists like Jim Jones and IAMSU!, but only Wale would make the official remix. The song would lead it to be one of the top selling singles on I-Tunes. 2014 is being projected as the year that Young Thug will blow up and crossover into the mainstream.

When you are ready to book Young Thug for your event, we are ready to assist you in helping to make your event a success. He is one of the top acts in hip-hop and will definitely put on a good show that will surely entertain the crowd.

Zedd Booking

Zedd booking info

Zedd has become one of the top producers in electronic music in just a couple of years. He has managed to have a Top 10 single with “Clarity”, and played at some of the top festivals in the world. Promoters are booking Zedd as they know he is sure to bring the crowd out, and sell out the show.

The producer would first gain attention when he won 2 competitions on Beatports remix contest. The wins would lead to him getting the attention of Skrillex who would go onto sign him to his label. If the attention from Skrillex was enough, he would go onto release remixes for popular artists like Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Diddy, and Swedish House Mafia. Venues were already starting to get Zedd booking info, as his name was spreading quickly through different scenes. When he released the singles “Shave It” and “Slam The Door”, they would both hit #1 on the Beatport charts.

Zedd would reach a new level of stardom when he released the single “Clairty”, which would go onto sell over a million copies. The song would hit the top 10 of the Billboard charts, and officially cemented Zedd as one of the top acts to watch in electronic music. Festivals were setting up their Zedd booking as he was bringing attention to everything he was a part of. The song would be nominated for a Best Dance Music Recording award at the 2014 Grammys, and his popularity only continues to skyrocket.

When you are ready to book Zedd for your event, we are here to assist you in helping to make your event a success. Zedd regularly sells out shows, and would be a great addition to any event.

T-Pain Booking

T-Pain booking info
AUSTIN – MARCH 18, 2016: Rapper and singer T-Pain speaks at a SXSW event in Austin, Texas.

T-Pain has been a hit-maker since the mid 2000s, and still continues to churn out hits for himself and others. Promoters have been booking T-Pain because he has a list of hits to run through for his performances, and the concert goers know the words to every song.

T-Pain is from Tallahassee, FL and first got into music at age 10 when his bedroom was turned into a music studio. He gained the attention of Akon when his group Nappy Headz released the song “I’m F’d Up” which was a play on Akons song “Locked Up”. Akon would go onto sign T-Pain to his label, and T-Pain would release his first single “I’m Sprung”. The single ended up being huge, and turned into a Top 10 single on the Billboard charts and had everybody checking for him. The T-Pain booking price would go up because of the overnight popularity of the artist, but he wasn’t done yet. He would release his second single “I’m In Luv (Wit A Stripper)”, which was even bigger than the previous single. T-Pain popularized the Auto-Tune sound, and his album Rapper Ternt Sanga, would go gold. T-Pain would be featured on a lot of different hits around this time, and promoters were getting T-Pain booking info, so that they could bring him to their club.

T-Pain released his second album Epiphany in 2006, and it would hit #1 on the Billboard charts. The album contained this like “Buy U A Drank” which would hit #1. T-Pain was being heard everywhere and on everything. The second single “Bartender” also was a Top 5 single on the Billboard charts. It seemed that everything that he released would be a hit. Not only was he making hits for himself but he was featured on other artist’s hits. He would be featured on “I’m A Flirt” by R. Kelly, “Outta My System” by Bow Wow, “Baby Don’t Go”, by Fabolous, “I’m So Hood” by DJ Khaled, and “Low” by Flo-Rida. He was officially the top artist to have on your song, and also at your club. Everybody was ready to book T-Pain at their venue as he was just the hottest rapper act at this time.

He would wait two years to release his next album titled Thr33 Ringz, which landed at #4 on the Billboard charts. The album would feature hits like “Can’t Believe It” featuring Lil Wayne and “Freeze” with Chris Brown. Not only were the songs from the album getting heavy play, he continued to be featured on more songs. He would pop up on hits like “She Got It” by 2 Pistols, “The Boss” by Rick Ross, and many more songs. Bookings for T-Pain would remain high, as he was just everywhere, and it would be impossible to not hear a song with him on it.

The momentum for T-Pain had slowed down, as he was one of the hottest acts for most of the 2000s. He would release his next album in 2011 called RevoleR, and it failed to match the success of his previous albums. The featured for T-Pain would slow down, and it would remain relatively quiet for the next year. He would pop up on the hit “Bag of Money” by Wale, but that would be his only big feature for 2012. T-Pain would jump back in the scene with the release of his song “Up Down” which features B.O.B, and venues are already gathering T-Pain booking info as they see him taking over the scene again.

When you are ready to book T-Pain for your event, we are more than happy to assist you. T-Pain has a huge catalog of hits and is surely not disappoint anybody who sees him in concert.

SoMo Booking

Somo is a singer from Denison, TX who first made a name for himself through posting YouTube videos of himself singing popular songs. His medley of a Drake song has been seen over 3 million times, and his videos have accumulated over 30 million views. Its no surprise that promoters are running to get Somo booking info, as he is becoming an overnight sensation.

Somo is quickly becoming one of the most popular R&B acts, thanks to his soulful voice and pgreat songs which has people constantly checking for him. His song “Ride” which was released in early 2013 would become a top seller on I-Tunes. The songs video would amass over 5 million views, and this would lead to him headlining his first tour. The booking price for SoMo would go up as people would learn about the artist, and he began collaborating with heavy hitters. Thus far he has hooked up with producer Mick Shultz who has produced hits for Jeremih.

Somo has become an internet sensation that is quickly flooding over into the mainstream. When you are ready to book Somo for your event, let us know and we will be happy to assist you in making your event a success.

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