Maya Jane Coles Booking

Maya Jane Coles has quickly risen to become one of most acclaimed and most popular DJs in recent time. Venues have been booking Maya Jane Coles off of her fast rising popularity, which has seen her grace magazine covers and win many awards.

Maya Jane Coles started out by producing hip-hop when she was 15, and she worked to learn the whole process of producing and Djing. It isn’t surprising that now many of the records released by her are also engineered, arranged, and mixed by her as well. This reason alone has made Maya Jane Coles one of the most talented DJ/producers in the game, and one where she is often considered to be the DJs Dj. She would later transition into drum and bass, and eventually was introduced to house music. She began releasing house records, and began experimenting with different sounds. Promoters started to take notice and started getting Maya Jane Coles booking information, as they watched and saw her rising on the scene. She would create a live dub-electro project called “She Is Danger”, and the group would be booked to play at different gigs around the world. The group would gain a lot of attention for their different remixes that they released including one for The Gorillaz, and another for Massive Attack. The tracks would often be named the track of the day, and their songs would be regulars on the HypeMachine.

Yes its true that Maya Jane Coles was popular at this time, but the world would really take notice when she released the hit song “What They Say”. The song was simply huge. The song destroyed the singles charts on Beatport, and would also dominate the Resident Advisor charts for 3 months. The upload of the song on YouTube even gained over a million views, it would be one of the biggest releases of the year, and of the biggest of her career thus far. Promoters began booking Maya Jane Coles all over the world, and she was popped up at every major festival that you could think of. The Maya Jane Coles booking price not surprisingly, was at a peak around this time, and it was for good reason as she would bring out crowds of people every time she performed. She would go onto be featured on the covers of Mixmag, DJ Mag, and even the Guestlist Network. The song was spun on radio stations in over 30 countries, which was just impressive. She would go onto release an EP titled “Don’t Put Me In The Box” that was written, engineered, produced, mixed, and even designed by her. The release of the EP saw her climbing up the charts again, and more magazine features for the already popular DJ.

The momentum wouldn’t stop there, and Maya Jane Coles would be booked at some of the biggest venues worldwide including Space, Amnesia, Studio 80, and Watergate. She was named “Best Newcomer” at the Ibiza DJ awards, and many critics said that the summer was hers. Maya Jane Coles will only continue to get bigger as time passes, and she would release her album “Comfort” in 2013. The album gained positive reviews, and only continued to solidify Maya as an unbelievable talent in the industry. Its not wonder the Maya Jane Cole booking price was going up, because of the good music and productions that she puts together.

She is having a breakthrough career, and she is still very young and only developing her sound further. Maya Jane Coles will surely grow to be one of the best to ever do it if she continues at this pace. When you are ready to book Maya Jane Coles for your event, let us know and we will work with you to help make your event a success.


Jhene Aiko Booking

Jhene Aiko booking info

Jhene Aiko is a talented singer who has been in the industry for years, yet she is still one of the young up and coming talents in the game. She has been signed to major labels, and collaborated with people throughout the industry in many aspects. Promoters have been getting Jhene Aiko booking information for quite a while now, to watch her as she starts to blossom.

Jhene Aiko is from Los Angeles, and she was formerly signed to the The Ultimate Group and Epic Records. She has sisters who were in a R&B group called Gyrl, and they had some minor success as they toured with Immature. Through her sisters, Jhene would be introduced to music executive and producer Chris Stokes when she was 5. When Chris Stoke brought B2K to Epic Records, he brought her along as well. Promoters booked Jhene Aiko as the opening act for the popular boy R&B group, and she was well received for her age. The close relation with B2K led to the music label execs marketing Jhene Aiko as Lil Fizz’s cousin, but she was not actually related to the B2K member. The close affiliation with the group would continue as she would go onto be featured on a lot of their tracks, and was put on their holiday albums.

The singer was relatively unknown, but she was still able to secure spots on many soundtracks like Barbershop and The Master of Disguise. Though, she was building up a buzz for herself, she would end up not releasing an album with Epic Records after she had a disagreement with the label. She would leave the music industry, and went to focus on school. The hiatus didn’t last long though, as she stepped back into the scene, and released a mixtape in 2011 called “Sailing Souls” which marked her return. The mixtape gained her some new fans, and critics had great things to say about the tape. The Jhene AIko booking fee was still fairly minor at this time, as she was still trying to get her name out there. The mixtape had features from Migue, Drake, Kanye West and others. Her popularity would rise once she began collaborating and working closely with the upcoming record label “Top Dawg”. Top Dawg Records featured rappers Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, and Kendrick Lamar. She would be featured on the vocals for a lot of the releases from the label, and would even pop-up at concerts when promoters were booking Kendrick Lamar.

When she met popular producer No I.D, he would sign her to his label Atrium records which had distribution through Def Jam. She would even go onto join his group The Cocaine 80s, and they worked heavily on her release. Jhene Aiko was finally coming up, and promoters slowly began booking Jhene Aiko for shows throughout the nation. She would find herself being booked as the opening act on the Rage Tour that featured Nas and Lauryn Hill. The tour exposed her to a new audience, and people began anticipating the release of her album. By collaborating with No I.D, it will be interesting to see what direction that her album will go in.

Jhene Aiko is definitely one of the top up and coming artists in R&B, and she is a veteran in the industry. The Jhene Aiko booking price will surely go up, as she continues to rise and be featured on other people tracks. But sooner than later, she will be having her own hits.

RaVaughn Booking

RaVaughn booking info
NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 05: RaVaughn Brown attends the 9th annual Style Awards during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage Lincoln Center on September 5, 2012 in New York City

RaVaughn is a new face with a lot of talent that is rising to be one of the shining starts within the industry. Her talent would lead to her signing with the Compound University that is ran by Ne-Yo. Booking RaVaughn inquires are definitely on the rise as her single “Best Friend” is climbing up the charts.

RaVaughn is from Carson, CA and grew up carrying her keyboard and karaoke machine around. Now that she’s grown, she would gain the attention of Ne-Yo after being a background singer for popular artists. While doing background work for artists such as Celine Deon, Natasha Bedingfield, Nicki Minah, and Keri Hilson, she was able to build a versatile style. After she connected with Ne-Yo, he gave her the nickname of “New Voice of Women” in R&B. Her style is sophisticated, and she has an amazing voice, which is the reason why promoters are booking RaVaughn for shows. The RaVaughn booking price is on the rise after she released the song “Best Friend” and it began getting a lot of radio play. She first linked up with famous producer Jerry Wonda to release the first single “Better Be Good” featuring Wale. The single was popular within circles but wasn’t huge. It did give people a good idea of what to expect from her sound.

She would work and collaborate with artists and producers like StarGate, Marsha Ambrosius, Baby Face, and even Rico Love. The range of songs that she recorded would be everything from ballads to party anthems, to folk vibe songs. Venues of all genres were inquiring on RaVaughn booking information, as they started to put everything together in regards to her. She looks at artists like Mary J Blige and Aretha Franklin as influences, and she is we wouldn’t be surprised if she was able to follow in their footsteps. Now that she is on her way up in her career, she has distribution through Colombia and a industry legend with Ne-Yo backing her. She has even started appearing on popular TV shows like Glee, and continues to collaborate with popular producers and songwriters. She released an 8 track EP called Love Always, and featured appearances from Planet VI, and Eric Bellinger. The EP was a great introduction, showing the world what she was capapble of and had people waiting on her major label debut which was projected to be released in 2013.

RaVaughn is currently riding high off of her single “Best Friend” which is getting play throughout the nation. People are booking RaVaughn to sing that song, as well as host for events. The booking fee for RaVaughn will only go up as the song becomes more popular, and she is exposed more on TV so this would be a great time to set-up a booking. She has performed at a few concerts like one in Oakland that also featured rappers Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chains, and she was also invited again to perform at the BET Music Matters concert. The exposure that she is getting will surely make her get more attention, and will lead to her eventually touring the U.S possibly with a major act.

When you are ready to book RaVaughn for a show, we are ready to work with you to help make your event a success.

K. Michelle Booking

K. Michelle booking info

Booking K. Michelle is about to be one of the big trends for promoter coming up, as she is starting to step into the spotlight and gain attention on both your TV and radio. K. Michelle is a rising star in the game, and is known for both her time on Love and Hip-Hop as well as her music. Since she left the show, the focus has been fully on her music, and people are starting to pay attention as she is getting airplay with her new singles. The K. Michelle booking fee is on the rise, as more people are finding out about her.

K. Michelle is originally from Memphis but has since moved on to Atlanta. The first beginning of her buzz started in 2009 when she released the songs “Self Made” and “Fakin It” which featured Missy Elliot. The songs gained her some attention but were not as popular as the people behind her would have hoped. People still were intrigued by her sound, and promoters looking to book K. Michelle for their events kept an eye on her. She released more singles in 2010 including “I Just Can’t Do This” and “How Many Times”, both of which went higher on the charts then the previous singles. She felt that her label wasn’t properly pushing her, and that promoters were not reserving her for more shows so she asked to be out of her contract. She was finally able to get out of her contract with RCA, and begin working on her debut which was supposed to feature big name artists like R. Kelly, Trina, Usher, Gucci Mane, and Akon. This was going to be the start of what would see her career begin to take steps forward, and make her one of the hot up and coming artists to keep an eye out for.

In 2012, K. Michelle would see K. Michelle step into the reality TV realm and would join the cast of Love and Hip-Hop which was known for its drama. She joined the cast but when she did, the focus fell off of her music but her brand started to grow as she gained more exposure. Promoters were reserving K. Michelle for hosting gigs instead of performances, but she was still getting peoples attention as she started to pop up in more and more places. When the show finished, she said that she would not be returning due to a conflict with Mimi, which was another person who was on the show with her. After her buzz got bigger as a result of the show, she would go onto get a record deal with Warner Bros.

When she signed with Warner Bros, she announced that her album would be coming out in 2013, and that her new singles should be coming soon. Sure enough, she released her first single “I Just Wanna”, which didn’t get that much traction. Following the release of that single, she began to prep for her second single release. Promoters were starting to wonder if they should book K. Michelle, because none of her singles seemed to be gaining any traction at the time. She revealed that her new album would be called Rebellious Soul, and she release the next single “VSOP” which she said was the lead single from the album. The song gained traction fast, and is climbing up the charts and has people getting their K. Michelle information, so they can see if she’s within their budget.

When you are ready to bring K. Michelle out to your event, let us know and we will be more than happy to set that up for you. Let us know how we can make your event a success.

You can read the K. Michelle bio here.


Bridget Kelly Booking

Bridget Kelly booking info

Bridget Kelly is an R&B artist from the Chelsea neighborhood of New York who is signed to Roc Nation. She is one of the singers in the industry that has a style that has influences from rock, soul, and R&B. By having the Roc Nation team behind here, her career has a great chance of going to some very high places. Jay-Z trusted her enough to fill in for Alicia Keys when he performed at Coachella, MTV Europe Music Awards, and other major events and festivals. She is already getting press attention and has appeared on the cover of magazines like Honey. Promoters are keeping their eye to see whether they will start inquiring on booking Bridget Kelly for their upcoming events.

Her debut album was first announced in 2010, and it was mentioned that the first single would be a song written by Frank Ocean called “Thinking About Forever”. A video was even released, that featured the song in its acoustic state. The song didn’t do what they were expecting so they pushed back the release of the album. Bridget says that she wants to “touch someone’s life through [her] writing”, and that is exactly the direction she is trying to go with her album. She released the single “Special Delivery”, which is supposed to evoke that feeling that she described. Promoters took notice and started asking about the Bridget Kelly booking price, to see if it would make sense to start bringing her out to open up some shows to build up a buzz. They shot a video for the song, and it was premiered on Power 105 along with sites like Perez Hilton and Ryan Seacrest.

Though she has not released an album yet, she has already won a Grammy. She wrote the song “Einstein” form Kelly Clarkson’s album that won Best Pop Vocal Album. Though promoters hadn’t reserved her individually at the time, she was still doing a lot of touring with other artists. She appeared on Jay-Z Blueprint 3 Tour along with doing the Estelle BET Music Matters tour. The press started to cover Bridget Kelly more and more, and she was getting placed in magazines like Complex, The Source, and Entertainment Weekly. Special Delivery wasn’t a big hit but it still set the tone for people would come to expect with her sound. She is steadily working to make sure that everything is set for when she does get out there and release her album.

She is currently prepping for her album, and has a single that is climbing up the charts called “Street Dreamin”. Everybody is already projecting that the song will be the summer hit of 2013, and will definitely make her a force to be reckoned with. Promoters looking to get their Bridget Kelly booking information should act quickly, as she is definitely going to be one of the top artists of the year, and upcoming years especially with her having a team like Roc Nation behind her. Artists like Pink, Alicia Keys, and Alanis Morissette influence Bridget Kelly and she definitely has the opportunity to reach the same heights that they did.

When you are ready to reserve her for your next event, let us know and we will be happy to work with you on making your event a hit.


Tamar Braxton Booking

Tamar Braxton booking info

Tamar Braxton is an R&B singer/songwriter who originated from the group The Braxtons. The sisters reunited on a reality show called the “Braxton Family Values” that was the #1 rated show on the WE TV channel. Promoters are booking Tamar Braxton with her new found fame from her recent hit singles, and the buzz from the reaility show.

Tomar Braxton started in the group “The Braxtons” with her sisters. They were signed to Arista records, and they released the song Good Life that did not meet expectations. The dismal performance of the song lead to the group getting dropped from the label.  After Toni Braxton left the group, they rest of the members were back-up singers on her tour. After many ups and downs with the group, Tamar would to go and meet up with Tricky Steward who is non known for his work with The Dream. She recorded her debut with him, and hoped this time that she would rise to the public eye. She released her album, but it was a huge flop selling less than 100,000 copies by the years end. She would get dropped from another label. Tamar Braxtons booking price was low at this point, as she just wasn’t as popular as her sister. She would continue to be a backup for her sister, and have aspirations for her own career.

Tamar would take another try at it again and signed with Tommy Mottolas label Casablanca Records and began recording her next album. Casablanca was going through its problems, and she left the label without ever releasing an album. In 2010 she signed with Universal Records, and things began to look up. She signed onto the reality show with her sisters called “Braxton Family Values’. She signed another record deal with Streamline Records, which is an imprint of Interscope Records. She got her own reality show called “Tamar and Vince”, and the anticipation for her album would increase. Her songs Love and War and The One shot up the charts and promoters were getting all their Tamar Braxton booking info, so they could bring her to some of their venues. She is prepping for the release of her album in September of 2013, so it will be interesting to see how many more big singles she will release in anticipation of the release.

When you are ready to reserve Tamar Braxton for your next event, reach out to us and find out how we can help make your event a success. We are passionate about what we do, and want to see what areas we can assist you in. She is available now for your event.


Kat Dahlia Booking

Kat Dahlia is one of the young up and coming female rappers in the game, who is backed by veteran industry heavyweight Syvlia Rhone who used to run Universal Motown which housed big labels like Cash Money Records. She started out killing instrumentals on YouTube videos, and now promoters are booking Kat Dahlia for shows. Currently the song “Gangsta” is climbing up the charts, and people are starting to take notice.

Kat Dahlia is from Miami, FL which is also home for other artists like Rick Ross, Pitbull, and Uncle Luke. She started writing songs at the age of 15, and at the age of 18 she moved to NY after saving up money she was earning from a restaurant gig.  She managed to self-finance and EP and music video, and it wa then that she was introduced to Amanada Berkowitz who would end up introducing Kat to a industry heavyweight. At this time, the Kat Dahlia booking price was next to nothing as nobody really knew who she was at the time.

Amanda Berkowitz introduced Kat to Sylvia Rhone who has ran the huge and very successful Universal Motown record label. Rhone had recently started up a company called Vested In Culture, and had a joint-venture with Epic Records. Talk about good timing, as Kat was signed to her label and became a priority on the label with plans to release an album in 2013. This is the time to get Kat Dahlia booking info, as she is really starting to make moves in the game.

She released her first single Gangsta which landed her on MTV. The song is R&B influenced and on MTV she said ,”I think that ‘Gangsta’ was definitely therapeutic” because of the songs content, and how it tackles the Florida natives struggles and hardships that her family was facing back in her hometown. She discussed her debut album, and said she will getting a lot of production help from Nas’s goto producer Salaam Remi.  The song “Gangsta” began to get airplay across the states and would be the nations first look at this young spitter. The video for the song was shot by Samantha Lecca and premiered on Vevo.

Kat is supposed to be prepping her album “My Garden” which will surely take the world by storm. She is a priority at Epic Records so you know she will get a good push and some promotion for her album, so that means that when setting up a Kat Dahlia booking, your sure that her label is behind her and pushing her for more exposure. Especially with a industry heavyweight like Sylvia Rhone behind her, its sure to be interesting.

She says that some of her influences include Miles Davis, Led Zepplin, The Doors, Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, and Rihanna. Which such a eccentric taste in music, it will be interesting to see what direction she chooses to go in with her album. Its sure to be a hit with Salaam Remi behind the boards, as he has shot out hits for Nas, Amy Winehouse, and of course The Fugees.

We are here to work with you in helping make your event a success when you book Kat Dahlia for your event.

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