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rich homie quan booking informationRich Homie Quan is one of the hottest rappers coming out of the city known for urban hitmakers, Atlanta. Within his short career he has already collaborated with fellow Atlanta artists like Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane. Promoters are already booking Rich Homie Quan and he doesn’t have an album out. He is one of the rappers that the streets love, and he is only rising higher.

Rich Home Quan is from Atlanta, and was born on October 4th, 1989. He originally saw himself becoming a professional baseball player, but he was much more passionate for music. After he put his dedication to rapping, this is when he would start putting out the street hits that were taking over Atlanta. Promoters were about to see the Rich Homie Quan booking price go up with these hit releases. He released the hit “Stay Down” featuring the Stack Money Boys, and it became one of the street and club favorites in Atlanta. Venues were getting their Rich Homie Quan booking information, but this would all be halted very quickly, when he was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison.

When he was released from prison, he signed with local label Loyalty Over Royalties by the CEO Teezy. Rich Homie Quan started working hard to churn out music, and get himself where he used to be which is at the forefront of the music scene. Promoters were anxious to see what he would do, and if they should start booking Rich Homie Quan in anticipation of his next hit. Rich Homie Quan would go onto form a group called No Sleep Gang, which was in reference to their work ethic, and spending many hours in the studio. The group began to get noticed as the were prepping for the release of their mixtape “Money Season”. Rich Homie Quan would again go through a set back when his mentor/CEO/friend Teezy passed away prior to its release.

Despite the many setback s and hardships, he still found his way back into recording music. He signed with the T.I.G (Think It’s a Game) label and released a new mixtape. His new mixtape “Still Goin In” was very popular in the streets, and it made people start taking notice again. Even the media like MTV started covering Rich Homie Quan, and he was well on his way back to the top. The Rich Homie Quan booking fee would began to go up as he had songs playing all throughout the streets, and many began to wonder if he was going to become one of the next big names from Atlanta.

He began prepping for the release of his next mixtape “Still Goin In Reloaded”, and songs from the mixtape are already floating around the streets. Venues have a close eye on him, and are getting together all of their Rich Homie Quan booking information. He is definitely one of the top up and coming artists in the game, and we wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up on the XXL Freshman list next year, which will surely raise his profile.

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