Dem Franchize Boyz Booking

Dem Franchize Boyz is a rap group from Atlanta, Georgia, USA is emerging on the horizon which the legacy of the town mate Akon has set. Promoters especially at colleges are booking Dem Franchize Boyz because they have been putting on big shows around the country. The group consists of four members. Parler, whose real name is Maurice Gleaton. Pimpin’ who is actually Jamal Willingham, Jizzal Man whose original name is Bernard Leverette and Buddie also called Geral Tiller.

In 2004, Dem Franchize Boyz was signed by Universal Records of which the above mentioned single was the only one to get a minor hit and was also feature on BET for some time. The record producer Jermaine Dupri signed them in 2005 for his label So So Deaf after it was transformed from Arista Records to Virgin Records. Dem Franchize Boyz has also worked under the label of E1 Music and Capitol records. The Dem Franchize booking price would so go up as a result of their success.

Their album was officially released in February 2006 but the first single I think they Like me was released back in 2005. This single was strategically launched because of its catchy tune and lyrics and deserving hit the top of the charts. The track scored to top 15 on Hot 100 and number one on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs as well as the Hot Rap Tracks chart. This album proved to be a major break for the group with number one on Top rap album chart. Colleges started to book Dem Franchize Boyz as a result of the popularity of their singles. The.The second single of the album, Lean wit it, Rock wit it, reached the top most position of 7th on the Hot 100 chart. The third single was number 40. Hence this album was the highest charting album for the group. The third album, Our World, Our Way was released in September 2008 under the label of E1 music.

When you are ready to book Den Franchize Boyz for your event, we are here to work with you in helping to make your event a success. The group has been very popular on the college fraternity and sorority cirucit, and would be great for any event that you have that caters to this market. You can get the Dem Franchize Boyz booking info here for your event.

Rae Sremmurd Booking Info and Price

Rae Sremmurd booking info
LOS ANGELES – JUL 7: Rae Sremmurd at the launch party at a private residence on July 7, 2016 in Los Angeles, California

Rae Sremmurd is the hip hop duo behind the popular single “No Flex Zone!” which has reached the number 38th ranking on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. Promoters are booking Rae Sremmurd as they are coming with club jams that are making them a hit with club goers.This pair of boys from Tupelo, Mississippi is named Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy, Aaquail are just 20 years old yet have created sensations in the hip hop circles. The real names of these talented boys are Khalif Brown and Aaquil Brown respectively. They released their first single in 2013 and are presently active in the US Rap and R&B scene. The name of their official label is EarDrummers Entertainment Interscope.

The name Rae Sremmurd is said to have two meanings; it’s either ear drums spelled backwards or even Drummers Ear. Whichever one it is, it definitely is unique and so is the music produced by these talent young fellows. They were originally born in California but they shifted to Tupelo when they were very young and their childhood was spent in the notorious Ida Street housing projects where some of the worse crimes of the state take place on a regular basis. What worsened things was how the Sremmurd’s parent split up leaving the brother to seek shelter in abandoned homes in various parts of the area they resided in. Music was their method of getting away from their daily tensions and the musical sensation David Banner from their very own state was nothing short of an inspiration for these young fellows. Perseverance and determination is what made the real life brothers rise from the ashes and sign a deal with the multi platinum producer Mike Will Made It. This alliance led the Rae Sremmurd booking price to go up as they would start to have more commercial material from a producer who constantly churned out hits. It started with the brothers throwing parties and shows around their town, they taught themselves the basics of recording and producing rap. That’s when they caught the eye of a native of Tupelo only, P-Nasty who was a producer associated with Mike Will Made It and rest is as you say history.

Rae Sremmurd are currently based in the American city Atlanta in the beautiful state of Georgia. Some of their more well known singles include the song “We” which they released in 2013. Venues have been quickly gathering Rae Sremmurd booking info as the single gained popularity. It did not reach the US Billboard Hot 100 charts but it sure did create sensation enough in the music circles. Hence, when they finally released their album in 2014 titled SremmLife so two of the songs from this very album reached the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. The songs which reached these charts were titled “No Flex Zone!” and “No Type” respectively. No Flex Zone reached the duo’s highest ranking 36 in US Billboard Hot 100 charts, 16th in US R&B and 3rd in US Rap charts. While on the other hand No Type reached the US Billboard Hot 100 charts ranking of 56 and US R&B ranking of 21.

When you are ready to book Rae Sremmurd for your event, we are ready to assist you. We have the booking info for them ready, and they are an act that puts a lot of energy into their shows. They are great for college shows (fraternity parties, homecoming), and are sure to have everybody leaving happy.

Rebecca and Fiona Booking Info

Rebecca and Fiona are one of the many popular Swedish DJ acts in the industry. Promoters are booking Rebecca and Fiona for their high energy shows, and great music that they have been releasing. The girls were also featured on the popular Kaskade song “Turn It Down”.

The girls released their first single “Luminary Ones” in 2010, and it ended up being one of the most popular songs in Sweden. The single lead to venues in Sweden setting up a Rebecca and Fiona booking as the song would spread around the club scene. Eventually the popularity of the group would lead to them touring as an opening act on the Robyn tour throughout Europe. The group was quickly making a name for themselves, and the Rebecca and Fiona booking price would start to go up. The girls would get their own TV show, which pushed their name even more into the spotlight. They would release the single Bullets which would go double platinum. The girls would continue to do even more touring and released their debut album I Love You, Man.

Rebecca and Fiona continue to grow into one of the most popular acts in Electronic Music. The girls have played alongside some of the top DJs like Steve Angello, Kaskade, and Tiesto. The acclaim would only continue when they received a Grammy at the Swedish Grammy Awards for Best Electronic Dance Act. Venues are getting Rebecca and Fiona booking info as they are quickly becoming one of the top world acts to have at their events.

When you are ready to book Rebecca and Fiona for your event, we are here to assist you in helping to make your event a success. The girls are quickly becoming one of the top DJs, and will surely put on a great show for your attendees.

Pleasurekraft Booking

Pleasurekraft is one of the most popular duos in the tech house genre with their venue packing fan base, and sound that continues to get acclaim. Different venues around the world are booking Pleasurekraft, because the crowd who comes to see them knows most all of their songs, and is sure to be a good time. The group has won 2 Beatport awards for their song “Tarantula”, and are have been booked around the world to perform their hit songs.

Pleasurekraft describes themselves as being a “simultaneously visceral and cerebral experience induced only be the seductive, deep, groove heavy, underground inspired music that you hear the kids listening to”. Though they have such a descriptive way of describing their sound, they say that they don’t have a formula when it comes to putting together their bangers. One thing for sure is that promoters are getting Pleasurekraft booking info because they want them out at their parties to perform. The group has performed in many cities worldwide like Ibiza, Munich, Johannesburg, Chicago, Los Angeles, Zurich, and many other places. They are booked at big festivals around the world as well including ones in Ibiza, and the BPM festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

The duo is currently riding high off of the release of their remix to Josh Butlers song “Got A Feeling” that hit #6 on the Beatport 100, and has been banging in different sets around the world. The duo is not slowing down anytime soon, and the Pleasurekraft booking price will only continue to go up as they churn out more hits. They see themselves as being the Carl Cox’s of the future, as they want to still be spinning 10 years from now.

When you are ready to book Pleasurekraft for your concert, we are ready to set up the booking for you and assist you. Let us know how we can provide our resources to benefit in the success of your concert of event.

The Martinez Brothers Booking

The Martinez Brothers, which consists of Chris and Steve Martinez, are one of the top Djs in the world at the moment, and they hail from the Bronx, NY. Promoters are booking the group for their unique style, and this has led to them playing global events around the world with their sound. The group has been known to throw down 12-hour marathon sets, and they made a name for themselves before they were even old enough to get into the clubs.

The brothers bridge the sound of New York house music, and the global deep house sensation. The brothers were immersed into music at an early age; they learned to play different instruments like keyboards, bass, and the drums and congas. Their favorite was percussion, and you can hear some of this in their music. The Martinez Brothers would find a home at the legendary club Shelter, and also known as one of the capitals of soulful house. They soon learned to play on a CD set, then eventually transitioned into playing vinyl. Promoters were booking The Martinez for their soulful sets, and The Martinez Brothers booking price went up as their popularity grew. They would soon grow from their soulful house sound, and they began to integrate more techno and electro into their music. They changed the way they did things, but they were essentially just evolving.

They would soon move onto do a residence in Ibiza, and they were getting invited to play shows across the world including Italy, Brazil, UK, and Mexico. Venues had got The Martinez Brothers booking information, so they could start planning for them to come to their city. The brothers would go onto release an EP called “My Rendition” on Dennis Ferrer’s Objektivity imprint. The release increased their fan base and had people waiting to hear more of their music.

The Martinez Brothers would go onto release more tracks on the label, and each one gained more and more attention. Their tracks like “Debbie Downer”, “H 2 Da Izzo” all gained a lot of attention for the group, and had promoters booking The Martinez Brothers to their nightclubs. The group would go onto playing a lot of major global events like Sonar in Barcelona, Movement in Detroit, Kazantip in Ukraine, BPM in Mexico, DC10 in Ibiza, Panorama Bar in Berlin, Fabric in London, Space in Miami, and Stereo in Montreal. At Stereo they became known for doing their 12 hour spinning marathon where they would just kill it non-stop. This is only part of the reason why The Martinez Brothers booking price has gone up. The way the brothers work together is pretty impressive, as one brother will be cueing up a track, and the other will be EQing, and they will be passing their headphones between each other. The rhythm that the brother has is unbelievable, and it’s no wonder why they are becoming a favorite at festivals.

When you are ready to bring The Martinez Brothers to your event let us know. If you are trying to figure out how to book The Martinez Brothers, you have come to the right place, and we can set-up everything for you, and help make your event a success.


Cazzette Booking

Cazzette booking info

Cazzette is one of the top duos in house music right now, and Avicii’s manager Ash Pournouri of At Night Management is managing them. Promoters are booking Cazzette as they continue to rise on the charts, and start to get cosigned by many of the most popular acts in EDM today.

Cazzette is a duo from Sweden that consists of Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund. They first popped on the scene when the released remix to an Avicii song called “Sweet Dreams”. The song charted in the top 20 of the Beatport 100 for 6 weeks straight and made people take notice. The Cazzette booking price would only continue to rise from there as people started paying attention to the duo. The duo would go onto to do a bootleg of the popular Swedish House Mafia song “Save The World”, which would be chosen as the official remix b y the group. The group is just one of many who support Cazzette in the EDM scene. They have gotten cosigns from popular DJs like Tiesto, David Guetta, Avicii, and Martin Solvieg.

The duo partnered with Spotify to release their debut album, which was a innovative type of deal. When the released the album “Eject” on Spotify, it was covered by a lot of press because of the partnership, and the awareness that it created for the group. The group would go onto sign with the dance music division of Island Def Jam, 4th and Broadway. Promoters were getting all of their Cazzette booking information, as they were getting an understanding of how this would affect the groups booking price. The group would have a hit on their hands, when they released the single “Beam Me Up”. The song would go onto be a hit within the clubs and the video on YouTube went on to racking up over a million views. The song also made a dent on the charts by debuting at No. 20 on the Billboard On Demand Charts.

Cazzette has been playing at major festivals all across the world, as festival promoters know that by booking Cazzette that they will get a great reaction from the crowd. The duo has played huge shows like Ultra, EDC, Tomorrowland, and they are still growing as a group. Ash Pournouri is arguably the top manager in EDM at the moment, and with his power behind them, the group will definitely continue to grow. The Cazzette booking price has increased substantially in such a short period of time because of their growing popularity, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the group starts to hit heights like that of Avicii. The group is signed in a joint venture with Island Def Jam, and Ashs new label PRMD records, and they are one of the leading acts on the label.

When you are ready for your Cazzette booking, we are ready to help you put together the concert. The groups with the mysterious masks are surely making a name for themselves, and their popularity is only rising higher. We will work with you to make your event a success when you book Cazzette.

Migos Booking

Migos booking info

Migos is one of the hottest acts coming out off Atlanta, and they are blowing up the scene. They are riding the success of their song “Versace” which was remixed by Drake, and they are currently becoming on the top upcoming act. Promoters are booking Migos for shows throughout the U.S as their buzz continues to rise.

Migos is from Atlanta and consists of 3 members, with one being incarcerated. The group started out as close friends, who all were into hip-hop but they didn’t take the music seriously until 2008. Members Quavo, Offset, and Take Off decided to form a group called Migos. They released their first mixtape called “Jugg Season” which got some attention. It was at this time that promoters would start to compile Migos booking information, for bringing them out to clubs around Atlanta. After the release of “Jugg Season” they began prepping for the release of their next mixtape.

Around this time, Migos was still relatively unknown and was still trying to break out as one of the top acts in Atlanta. They would release another mixtape called No Label”, which featured the hit “Bando”. The song was a hit in the clubs throughout Atlanta, and was called the dope boy anthem. Migos had broken out even further among the streets, and built up their following a little more online. The Migos booking fee went up after the release of this hit, but they were still relatively cheap, as they weren’t really known outside of Atlanta.

The next mixtape that the group would release would be the one to help push them further into mainstream, and it also contain their biggest single to date. Before the release of the mixtape, they released the song “Versace” which ended up being huge in the streets of Atlanta. The song was so big that it got Drake on the remix, and rappers began using the songs beat to do freestyles over. Migos was officially on the scene, and the song began to spread across the nation, as people wondered if this was going to turn into a mainstream hit. Promoters were booking Migos after the release of this song, and they were also a hit on the internet as well. They would go onto release their mixtape “Rich Young Ni**gas” in July of 2013, and the mixtape proved to be very popular. The mixtape featured rapper Trinidad James, Gucci Mane, and Soulja Boy. The mixtape proved to be popular in the streets, and the internet pushed it further out. The song  “Versace” has been picked up by a lot of radio stations, and continues to climb up the charts. Venues are booking Migos as they anticipate the single to do big things, and them to put on a good show.

Migos is only getting bigger, and they are definitely one of the top acts in Atlanta at the moment. Both Drake and Gucci Mane have consigned them, and popular rappers are already remixing their song. When you are ready for your Migos booking, we are here to work with you to help make your event a success. They are sure to bring out a crowd, as everybody will know the lyrics to their most popular song “Versace”, and you never know whom they might bring out as their connections are starting to get bigger as well.

Stafford Brothers Booking

Stafford Brothers booking info

The Stafford Brothers are international superstars and are often considered to be the top DJs in Australia. Promoters have been booking The Stafford Brothers worldwide for quite sometime now, and they are quickly becoming on the top acts in EDM. They have been voted the #1 Djs in Australia at the ITM awards two times, and now they are making their name in the states with a residency at Marquee Las Vegas and shows in Los Angeles.

The brothers started djing almost a decade ago at a little lounge bar in Gold Coast, Australia. The venue is nothing like the type of venues that they DJ at now, and the Stafford Brother booking price was very minimal at that time. Now, they appear across the world at the top clubs everywhere, and are a mainstay at some of the biggest festivals. When the released the song “More than a Feeling”, this was their first hit that spread everywhere throughout their hometown. The song shot up the charts and hit #2 on the ARIA club charts. The song was a cover of an original, but The Stafford Brothers made it all their own, with their unique twist to the song. When this song was released, venues wanted to book Stafford Brothers for their parties, and have them throw down their big hit.

They released more records, none as big as “More Than A Feeling” but it kept their fans wanting more. They have released music on labels like Ministry of Sound, Toolroom, Defected, Armada, Stealth, and many more places. The Stafford Brothers got so big that they were asked to remix the official theme song of “Real Madrid”. The song was big, and was a favorite for anybody who was a fan of the soccer team. The Stafford Brothers were big, but they still were nowhere near their peaks as they were only getting more and more popular and people were setting up The Stafford Brother bookings more frequently. When they were announced as a supporting act on the Prodigy Australian tour, this is what would be what brought them out into promoters eyes to see what they could do.  Promoters like Future Entertainment saw them and made them the headliner of the Future Music Festival, and this was huge for them. Other people took notice, and promoters started rushing to get The Stafford Brothers booking information, so they could began setting things up outside of Australia.  The festival is big as many huge artists like Swedish House Mafia, Skrillex, Fatboy Slim, and even Kesha have graced the festival.

Since the festival, they have played everywhere from Los Angeles to Ibiza, and have began destroying dance-floors internationally. TV producers saw the potential in the brothers and set them up for their own TV show, and the show is being seen everywhere on the Fox Network. The brothers are not only big with their music, but they are becoming true celebrity international DJs as they are appearing in more places with their brand. The promoters looking for The Stafford Brothers booking information will be happy to see them doing this, as this will make their shows even stronger. Of course, as they get more attention and shoot out more hits, The Stafford Brothers booking price is only going to increase.

The Stafford Brothers are now remixing songs for everybody including Timbaland, Wolfgang Gartner, Snoop Dogg, and Akon. The Stafford Brothers currently call Los Angeles, CA their home, and they are also entrepreneurs as well. They are major shareholders in a few of the hottest clubs in the world, and they also own a artist touring and management company called 360 agency. Since coming to the U.S they have also signed a deal with Cash Money Records, which also includes artists Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj.  They released the song “Hello” which featured Lil Wayne and Christina Milian, and the song blew up on YouTube getting over a million views, and also going double platinum in Australia. Promoters all over the world were paying attention to The Stafford Brothers and anticipated their every move. Their name in the U.S is getting bigger as well, and with their new ventures, there is no betting against them.

When you are ready for booking The Stafford Brothers, we are ready to work with you to help make your event a success. The duo of brothers are some of the most popular acts right now, and are sure to turn your party out.


Icona Pop Booking

Icona Pop is a DJ duo consisting of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo from Stockholm, Sweden. They are known for their huge hit “I Love It”, which has blew up on charts all over the world. Promoters around the world are getting the Icona Pop booking price, so they can bring the duo to their country to perform.

The duo met at a party in 2009, and they immediately clicked. This led top them writing songs together and began doing shows together. Publications have began to cover the Swedish duo, this includes The Rolling Stone and The Guardian. Their debut single “Manners” first gained the attention of the media and had writers all over the world keeping an eye on them. Promoters began gathering the Icona Pop booking price, just as their profile would grow bigger and bigger.

The group released their EP Iconic in the US, and released Icona Pop in Sweden. The group took part in many festivals including Summerburst, and their music would pop-up on different TV shows. The huge song “I Love It” began popping up in different areas like the video game “Need For Speed” and in a Coca Light commercial, and even was the theme song for Snooki and JWoww. The single popped up everywhere.  When they released the Iconic EP, it peaked at #21 on the U.S I-Tunes Charts and they soon went on tour with Passion Pit and Matt & Kim once promoters saw the potential in booking Icona Pop.  The song was performed on Dancing with the Stars, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and on Good Morning America.

The group is one of many hot dance acts coming out of Sweden, and they are surely going to get bigger. Their second single “We Got The World” is also climbing up the charts, and it may not do as good as their first single but it shows the potential that the group has to conquer the world with their addicting dance songs. When you are ready to book Icona Pop for your next event, you can reach out to us and we will work with you to help make your event a success. Promoters better jump on them quick, as the Icona Pop booking cost is only getting more expensive.


Drop City Yacht Club Booking

Drop City Yacht club is a group with a fresh sound coming from California. Promoters are already starting to take notice, and booking Drop City Yacht Club is definitely on their mind. Their single “Crickets” featuring singer Jeremih is getting them noticed on the mainstream.

The group consisting of Kristo, A Wolf, and THX not only write but produce all their music. The group has worked independently releasing albums like Nitrous Ox and Misiries Company. They would just talk about music, but that eventually lead to them making music and making their first song The Freshmen. They began steadily releasing music online, and many of the bloggers started to take notice of this new group. Promoters were looking for Drop City Yacht Club booking info to see if they were a viable act for events in the future. The single landed them a deal with A&M/Octane, and sure enough it was going to climb up the charts. The song mixes Motown style, with a piano buildup and great storytelling. They pretty much wanted to “just tell the truth” in their music, as they believed too much of hip-hop was fake.

They are currently planning to release an album, and currently just going around pushing their single. The group does not want to be boxed into any box because they are influenced by many genres. We have the Drop City Yacht Club booking price, and are ready to help you bring them out to your next event.

This group is surely to continue to grow and get bigger with their unique sound. It will be interesting to see where they go, and how their touring will pick up. Promoters looking to take a chance, and bring them out to their shows, would not be disappointed. Let us work with you when you book Drop City Yacht Club for your next party.


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